jesse-dodgen-profile-2My name is Jesse Dodgen and I am glad you came to my page. I grew up in Sheffield (close to Boston) and I had a nice childhood. I was always a pretty big kid but it didn’t cause me any problems. But by the time I got into my teens I was more than a little big.

Kids started to make fun of me and I became more and more self conscious. Strangely enough I started to feel hungry more and more often. I would indulge in a candy during homework, have double portions at dinner and got bigger and bigger.

It seemed the more I felt bad about myself, the hungrier I got. High school ended for me with being bullied and eating.

Then I got into college and decided it was time to lose weight. I tried sports, low fat diets, juice diets, plain fasting, therapy and Buddhism. They all gave me a burst of hope for a week or two. Well, the Buddhism lasted longer, but didn’t make me lose weight:).

Well, about two years ago I came across the Fat Diminisher System and gave it a chance. I must say, it gave me a chance back. Once my body started to detoxify and my metabolism turned on there was no stopping the weight loss. I had to get an all new wardrobe. I never get bullied anymore. People love to meet me (yes, also women). I didn’t mention it yet, but dating was a major problem for me.

So I decided to make this website, so others can have the same life change as I did

Take care and be well,